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Chemistry Programme Descriptors

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UCAS Programme Title Programme Code    Programme Details (click on a link below for document)
F107    BSc(Hons) in Chemistry with a Year in Australia B101-CIA 16_B101_MAR08.doc 17_B101_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B101_RAY.doc
F106    MChem in Chemistry with a Year in Australia B10M-CIA 16_B10M_MAR08.doc 17_B10M_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B10M_RAY.doc
F100    BSc(Hons) in Chemistry B111-CHE 16_B111_RAY_MAR08.doc 17_B111_RAY_Mar08.doc 19_B111_RAY.doc
   BSc(Ord) in Chemistry B112-CHE 16_B112_Mar08.doc 17_B112_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B112_RAY.doc
F101    MChem in Chemistry B11M-CHE 16_B11M_MAR08.doc 17_B11M_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B11M_RAY.doc
F114    BSc(Hons) in Chemistry with Materials B121-CWM 16_B121_RAY_MAR08.doc 17_B121_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B121_RAY.doc
F115    MChem in Chemistry with Materials B12M-CWM 16_B12M_MAR08.doc 17_B12M_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B12M_RAY.doc
   BSc(Ord) in Chemistry as the Main Subject B122-CHE 16_B122_MAR08.doc 17_B122_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B122_RAY.doc
F1R9    MChem in Chemistry with a European Language B15M-CEL 16_B15M_JUN08.doc 17_B15M_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B15M_RAY.doc
F1C7    BSc(Hons) in Chemistry with Biochemistry B161-CWB 16_B161_MAR08.doc 17_B161_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B161_RAY.doc
F1CR    MChem in Chemistry with Biochemistry B16M-CWB 16_B16M_MAR08.doc 17_B16M_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B16M_RAY.doc
F125    BSc(Hons) in Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry B181-CPC 16_B181_MAR08.doc 17_B181_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B181_RAY.doc
F151    MChem in Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Chemistry B18M-CPC 16_B18M_MAR08.doc 17_B18M_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B18M_RAY.doc
F1N2    BSc(Hons) in Chemistry with Management B1A1-CWM 16_B1A1_APR08.doc 17_B1A1_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B1A1_RAY.doc
F1NF    MChem in Chemistry with Management B1AM-CWM 16_B1AM_APR08.doc 17_B1AM_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B1AM_RAY.doc
F105    MChem in Chemistry with a Year in North America B1BM-CAN 16_B1BM_MAR08.doc 17_B1BM_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B1BM_RAY.doc
F103    MChem in Chemistry with a Year in Europe B1CM-CIE 16_B1CM_MAR08.doc 17_B1CM_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B1CM_RAY.doc
F1GL    MChem/BSc(Hons) in Chemistry with Computational Chemistry B1DM-B1D1 16_B1DM_RAY.doc 17_B1DM_RAY.doc 19_B1DM_RAY.doc
F1F4    MChem in Chemistry with Forensic Science B1FM-CFS 16_B1FM_MAR08.doc 17_B1FM_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B1FM_RAY.doc
F102    MChem in Chemistry with Industrial Experience B1IM-CIE 16_B1IM_MAR08.doc 17_B1IM_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B1IM_RAY.doc
F1F9    MChem in Chemistry with Nanotechology B1NM-CWN 16_B1NM_MAR08.doc 17_B1NM_RAY_MAR08.doc 19_B1NM_RAY.doc