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First Steps in using the Epson Photoperfect Scanner


Getting Started

  • If the Dell PC is not switched on, then turn it on by pressing it's power button on the front of the tower (the small button).
  • The username is "Scanner" with no password - ie just press 'Enter' once you have entered the username.
  • To perform any scanning work, first ensure that the scanner itself is switched on and then either use the Epson Smart Panel desktop icon or the Epson Scan shortcut icon, and that will get you started. For more advanced image processing work, there's also the Adobe Photoshop Elements package and Paint Shop Pro version 7.

Where's my scanned images?

  • Some folders have been set up on the D: drive where people can temporarily put their scanned files - again, there is a shortcut icon to this on the desktop called "My Pictures". There are several folders in the D: drive eg 'Academic Staff', 'Postgrads', 'Undergraduates' - please use them sensibly!

Moving my scanned images?

  • The PC also has a CD writer - useful for moving large quantities of scanned images and it can also use USB memory sticks/key ring devices.
  • Network access to scanned files - Staff & Research Workers

    1. Staff and Research PC users will be able to get their scanned files (on the D: drive!) via the departmental network - to do this, double click on the 'Network Neighbourhood' icon on your own PC. Find the CHEDOMAIN object, and open it - you will see a list of machines that belong to this domain.
    2. Look for a PC called CHE_SCPC - this is the Scanner PC. Double click it's icon to open it and you'll see a shared folder called 'Scanned' - this is where you will find your scanned files!
  • Network access to scanned files - Undergraduate Students

    1. If you are an undergrad student then you'll probably be using PC Caledonia for most of your computing work. It is possible to move any scanned images from the scanner PC to your PC Caledonia storage space on the home drive (H:).
    2. The best way to do this is to use something called FTP or File Transfer Protocol - and there is a link to another FAQ which tells you more about FTP here.
    3. On the Scanner Dell PC, you can open a special Internet Explorer browser window which uses the FTP protocol to connect to your user space. For example, if your PC Caledonia username is 'chexyz' and your password is 'mypassword' then you should use the following URL to 'see' your PC Cal files
      This can be used to move files from the Scanner PC onto your user space - however, please note that scanned images can often be quite large, so you should make sure that you have enough free space in your PC Cal home directory folder first [you know it makes sense!].
    4. There is a new way to access your files on PC Caledonia - this uses something called Novell NetStorage and you can find out how to use this here.

NB - Please do NOT save stuff to the C: drive - I WILL delete any stuff that shouldn't be on this system drive!

This help page produced by Dr R. Ferguson