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MIcrosoft Excel hints and tips:-

Have you ever wondered how to do more with Microsoft Excel? If so then read on! I'm putting together a collection of Excel hints and tips that ought to be useful to Chemistry Research workers (and students too).

Custom Graphs in Excel

(or how to get Excel to do graphs the way YOU want them, and not how Bill Gates thinks you should draw them...!)

  1. First make your graph using the normal Excel methods and then customise it to suit your own needs and preferences - personally, I prefer a white background with no gridlines and no legend.
  2. Next bring up the 'Chart Type' dialog box (Menu Chart -> Chart Types...) and select the 'Custom Types' tab.
  3. Now select the 'User-defined' radio icon and click on the 'Add...' button. This brings up another dialog box (the 'Add Custom Chart Type' dialog). Type in a text name for your preferred graph style and also, optionally, type in a description into the 'Description' text box, and then click on the OK button.
  4. Finally, click on the 'Set as default chart' button in the 'Chart Type' dialog box.

Congratulations! You have now told Excel how to remember to use your favourite (scientific) graph drawing style.

May all your graph plotting be stress free from now on.

This help page produced by Dr R. Ferguson