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Submitting samples for analysis by Mass Spectrometry

Samples sent to the Mass Spectrometry (MS) Service should be supplied as neat materials contained in a labelled, screw-top, squat-form glass vial. For safety reasons you should only use this type of container, and we will not accept a sample which is submitted in any other container such as a round-botttomed flask!

Each sample must be accompanied by a completed sample request form describing the sample, the work required, and any hazard warnings or special handling instructions. The form should also explain for what purpose the spectra are required, so that experimental conditions can be used that are the most appropriate to the analysis. Please contact Dr Rosair if you have any queries about how to complete the sample request form.

Each sample should be identified by a User Code issued to you by the MS service and a Sample Code (if, however, you have already been issued a User Code by the NMR service then you should use this!). Sample Codes can have up to four CAPITAL letters and/or numbers. They should not contain lower case letters, punctuation marks, nor your initials. This is due to the inherent limitations of MS-DOS filenames! You may use leading zeroes if you wish, but they are not required by the service. The sample vial label should be marked only with your User Code and the Sample Code. A valid code would be something like "JPG0012" and an invalid code would be "hpb/28-G" (as this has lower case letters and non alphanumeric characters).

For Electrospray (ESI) Mass Spectrometry, you should supply us with about 2 - 3 milligrams of material, and you MUST specify a solvent. Methanol and/or acetonitrile are good choices, whereas halogenated solvents are not normally recommended for ESI work - since prolonged use can degrade the tubing used in the ESI source!

Samples will NOT be returned to you, but will be retained for a short time after recording the mass spectrum in case further work is required.

Mass Spec Lab in WP G.10 (LHS)

Sample submission forms are available outside the Mass Spectrometry Lab (room WP G10 shown above).

Alternatively, you can use the online form on the main MS Service web page.

Links to the rest of the Mass Spectrometry Service web pages are listed below for your convenience:-

Please contact  Dr Georgina Rosair   for further information.