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Mass Spectrometry Service

The Mass Spectrometry Service is ran by Dr Georgina Rosair. The service is intended primarily for users from within the School of EPS (Chemistry section) at Heriot-Watt University, although some outside work is occasionally taken on (time permitting).

Instrumentation details

At present we have a Thermoquest Automass benchtop LC/GC Mass Spectrometer which is operated principly in it's Electrospray mode, although it can be used to do GC/MS work after a source changeover.

Our Automass Benchtop Mass Spectrometer.

For those people who wish Electron Impact work (either low or high resolution) to be done on their sample(s) - we can get these ran for us at Edinburgh University. Please contact Dr Rosair for more details.

Experimental Considerations

Each type of experiment has its pros and cons, and thus we would like new (and not so new) users of the service to be more aware of what they involve both in terms of sample preparation and the subsequent analysis. It is important to be clear about how the different techniques can be used to aid product characterisation

Online Sample Submission Form

Whilst actual samples cannot yet be submitted over the internet(!), an electronic version of the Mass Spec sample submission form is available in MS Word format. To get a copy of this form, either click on the above link or use your browser's Save As function eg with Internet Explorer click the right hand mouse button on the link and then select "Save Target As" from the resulting popup menu. If there are any problems with using the form then let me know!

Please note that there is now a requirement for you to enter a "Project Code" on the Sample Submission form - your Academic Supervisor will be able to tell you what this is. Please also note that, in common with the other analytical services, no work will be done on a sample unless you have included a valid Project Code on your request form!

Once you have filled in your form, print it out and put it outside the Mass Spec Lab - room WP G10 as usual. (We still like to get printed forms on paper - very useful as a backup!) If you use Chemdraw then you can paste your structure and the calculated accurate mass into the appropriate part of the form.

Links to the rest of the Mass Spectrometry Service web pages are listed below for your convenience:-

Please contact  Dr Georgina Rosair   for further information.