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CHN Service Operation

  • When you are intending to submit a sample you should first co-ordinate your work schedule so that the sample is ready in time for the beginning of a run - if you miss the cut-off time, your sample will not be run until the following week, so please be prompt when handing in samples and ensure that you have completed the request form - I will not run any samples that have not been submitted correctly!

  • It is also important to submit pure samples, (please don't submit samples as a purity check, as even a trace of solvent will greatly affect your result - see Common Problems), and having to resubmit the same sample over and over again means more work for you and me.

  • Assuming there are no major problems, the average turnaround time will be 1-2 days. This of course will vary from sample to sample, but the maximum turnaround should not exceed 1 week. In order to keep the turnaround time as low as possible it is essential that you purify samples as much as possible and that you submit samples regularly rather than saving them up and trying to run several at once.

  • For the time being the service will run on Thursday and the weekly cut-off time for sample submission will be 8.00pm on Wednesday evenings (If you are keen enough to be around at this time!). Samples that are submitted before the cut-off time will be analysed on Thursday, and the results will be calibrated on Friday morning. The results of your analysis along with any remaining sample, will usually be returned to you personally on Friday afternoon.

Please contact Dr Brian Hutton for further information.