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Analytical Services in the School of Engineering & Physical Sciences

The Department of Chemistry offers a comprehensive package of analytical and technical services to outside companies. As a partnership of professional chemists (most of whom are Chartered Chemists) we have expertise and experience in inorganic, organic, physical and materials chemistry. We possess a full range of major analytical and research equipment available to help solve industry's problems. All work is undertaken with speed, accuracy and a full guarantee of confidentiality, at very competitive prices.

The following selection illustrates the breadth of services commercially available.

NMR SpectroscopyNMR Spectroscopy

We have two Bruker AV-III instruments, installed new in spring 2010: an open-access AV300, and an operator-service AV400.

The AV300 is available all the time for anyone to use. You must be trained to use it and you will be given a User Code, which takes about ten minutes. Please contact Dr Alan Boyd when you have a sample ready. You must bring a sample, there's no point in training you without one! The spectrometer offers a menu of NMR experiments from which you choose the one you want. If your work needs something that is not offered please let us know. It may be that your requirements can be met by adding another experiment.

The AV400 is an operator service, and you should bring both a sample and a request form. You might want to print out a copy of the current AV400 request form. If you're not sure how to fill it in, just ask. The NMR Office is in room WP G20, beside the >

Further information about NMR Spectroscopy

Mass Spectrometry

A low resolution mass spectrometry service is available using a state of the art benchtop LC/MS system operating in Electrospray (ESI) mode. The theoretical mass limit for this instrument is approx. 1500 daltons, and the minimum sample weight is typically 2-3mg. For ESI work, samples must be soluble in either methanol or acetonitrile.

See further information about Mass Spectrometry

X-Ray Crystallography and Computing

We have a Bruker Nonius X8-Apex2 CCD diffractometer with an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream routinely running at 100K. whereby chemists can have the structure of their compound from single crystal data determined within a day. We have had our Siemens (now Bruker AXS) P4 4-circle X-ray diffractometer since April 1995 when the Crystallography Service at Heriot-Watt (run by Dr Georgina Rosair) became operational, working in conjunction with synthetic research groups in organic, inorganic and materials chemistry in the department.

Further information about X-Ray Crystallography and Computing

Elemental Analysis (CHN)

Microanalysis for C, H and N is available on an Exeter Analytical CE440 analyser. Solids, liquids and air-sensitive materials can all be handled. Minimum sample mass typically 5mg.

Further information about Elemental Analysis (CHN).

Other Analytical Methods

FTIR, UV/VIS, GC/HPLC, AA, DSC, TGA, VPO, GPC and traditional wet-chemistry are all available - contact us for further details.

Custom Synthesis of Fine Chemicals

Expert synthesis of organic, inorganic, organometallic and polymeric chemicals to your specification. We can help you optimise yields, save time and improve purity.

Molecular Modelling

Our computational chemistry group have expertise in the modelling of organic, inorganic, organometallic and biological molecular structures and reaction profiles using a wide range of semi-empirical and ab initio quantum mechanical calculations.

Scientific Glassblowing

Scientific glassware custom-made and repaired to your specification.


For general information about analytical services in Engineering and Physical Sciences:-

Derek Penman, phone: (0131) 451 3024, email: