School of EPS: Current Staff & Students

EPS Current Students and Staff

Websites in EPS

For up to date information about EPS IT facilities, please see the EPS IT pages on the HW Intranet.

Public EPS website

The school website for Engineering and Physical Sciences forms part of the main public HW website.

The school site designed to promote the school, our staff and research and provide information about the school to specific external audiences - eg. prospective staff and students, the press and public.

Within the main university template style there small number of page layouts which may be used.

For updates to the EPS public site, please contact Sean Farrell

If you have any questions about the overall university website, please contact the HW web team

Staff profiles

The public EPS website includes staff profile pages for academic staff in each area.

To make any changes to your profile, please email Sean Farrell with details of the change. If you are making a subtantial update or giving your details for the first time, please complete the template for staff profile page. If your telephone number, room, email address or name needs to be changed, then you may also need to contact EPS HR administrator - Helen Ovens to update university telephone directory.

Prospectus and programme information

Throughout the public HW website including the school site, prospective students should be able to find their way to the university prospectus by following top level links to "What can I study?"

For updates to the university prospectus, please contact Patricia Duncan.

Websites for current staff and students

It is important to note that this is not intended as the primary source of information for our current staff and students.

The university website for current staff and students can be found:

For updates to the university staff and student site, please contact IT Helpdesk, and mark for attention of the web team.

Internally oriented information about EPS may be found on this site. This includes contact details for support staff, IT, purchasing procedures, lab safety information and course handbooks may be found currently at:

For updates to this website, the EPS internal site, please contact Sean Farrell.

Research group websites and Personal web folders

In addition to the research information and staff profiles on the public EPS website, EPS IT team can provide folders to publish web pages for research groups and personal staff web folders.

  • Staff personal folder are in format
  • Research group pages can be set with addresses such as

For help setting up a research group web page, or personal web folder please contact EPS IT team.