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EPS Current Students and Staff

Remote access to the internal EPS Intranet

For up to date information about EPS IT facilities, please see the EPS IT pages on the HW Intranet.

Old information about old Novell servers

The School of Engineering and Physical Sciences has a dedicated Staff & Research Workers PC network
which is based on Novell Netware 6.5 technology.

Remote access to a user's Home Directory (H:) and the EPS shared O: Drive is through the Novell Netstorage web page, which has the following URL

Clicking on the above link will open up the NetStorage web page in a new window.
You will be prompted for your EPS NetWare username and password.

Once you have finished using the NetStorage page, logout of NetStorage
by first clicking on its Exit icon and then close the NetStorage web browser window.

SFTP access

Note that registered EPS users can also access the same files and folders by using the sftp or NetDrive utilities
(Go to the Computing Facilities pages, and look at the Useful Utilities section in the IT Docs page).

Organisation of folders in O: drive

Following the reorganisation of the  O: drive, users will notice that the folder structure is different.
There is now a spreadsheet available which lists what folder names have been changed
in going over to this newer version, and EPS users can view this by clicking on the following link