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PC-Caledonia Labs in Engineering & Physical Sciences

For up to date information about EPS IT facilities, please see the EPS IT pages on the HW Intranet.

Old information

There are a number of PC-Caledonia labs spread around the school. Some of these are centrally timetabled labs, and so are available for use by students from other schools. Others are specific to our school and have priority for certain groups of students. For each lab the location, number of machines, and access conditions are given.

Earl Mountbatten Building

Location No. Access
2.52 81 Open
1.81 15 Elec. Eng.
2.23 10 MSc. Microsystems
3.1 20 Embedded Systems

William Perkin Building

Location No. Access
1.02 20 Open

David Brewster Building

Location No. Access
1.57 39 Open
1.58 12 Physics MSc.
1.23 4 Physics 1st/2nd years
2.23 4 Physics 3rd year

James Nasmyth Building

Location No. Access
2.03 20 Open
2.08 20 Open
2.02 5 Msc.
2.38 14 4th & 5th year

John Coulson Building

Location No. Access
NF14 4 Chem. Eng.